About us

About us


Bri-X was founded in 2014


As activities of our sister company No Vertical Limit expanded from high-level access and industrial services into outdoor signage and re-branding, Bri-X was split off as a separate entity to offer a comprehensive package in this market.

No Vertical Limit is one of the leading Dutch companies when it comes to working safely at heights, offering installation and maintenance services as well as equipment and safety certification.

Using and extending NoVL’s network, expertise and experience Bri-X has evolved into a solid partner in its own right, offering a high service level, supporting and executing Corporate Identity re-branding projects from conception, to execution, closure and aftercare.

Our vision


Corporate re-branding can be a challenge. Although these activities are a natural and recurring part of any company’s development cycle, actually defining and executing these projects requires skills and resources that are rarely available in-house. Our corporate goal is to provide these skills and resources, allowing our clients to continue doing what they do best, while we do what we do best. We tend to function more as a partner than a contractor, absorbing the extra effort these projects require.

With a core staff of a dozen employees and a highly flexible shell of installation teams and specialists in various areas we have -and are still creating- an excellent track record for being able to expand and contract with project demand. Whether we have a single designer or project manager nursing a project from early concept to start-up, or many teams simultaneously re-branding dozens of buildings in multiple countries, we’re comfortable that we can meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our activities range from design to project management to installation and maintenance, as well as direct supply/manufacturing of signage related products.


On time, cost-efficient, high-quality.

Email : info@bri-x.eu

Tel: +31 850 240 240

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