Mazda re-branded their dealer network in 2014 -16. We provided survey, project management, logistics and installation services in the Benelux and western Germany. In total Bri-X re-branded +/- 150 Mazda dealer locations.




Volvo-Renault Trucks

When Volvo Trucks acquired Renault trucks in 2013 a huge moving operation was initiated. Dealer locations were combined for the two brands. Bri-X supported the "Dual Brand"project with project management, survey, technical consultancy, logistics support and - finally - installation.

In total +/- 80 Volvo-Renault delerships and service points were re-branded, as well as Volvo's Construction Equipment European distribution hub.


One of the world's leading agricultural equipment manufacturers, SDF is currently re-branding their dealer and service point network. Bri-X is supporting the project in the Benelux and Switzerland.

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