A special printed fabric mounted on a high-end, sleek aluminium frame.

Inside the frame rows of LED's make your image pop.

Light boxes are available in black or silver, any size, any print.

We can modify any image to a printable format.

One of the advantages of using light boxes is that a one-off investment will give you a platform to carry many different messages, as the seasons and your products change. The prints are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Lightboxes are often used to carry in-shop branding, but as the prints are so cheap, they're also a great medium for temporary promotions.



Exterior signage



A fresh, attractive facade can make a huge difference in visitor numbers.

Aside from providing installation services we also custom build our own exterior signage elements. ​

Modern facade embellishments include more than the traditional neon advertising. LED lighting and mesh or plate fascia elements are getting ever more popular. An attractive look doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Unity of style and good taste are more effective than volume and flash.




Two-sided, free-standing frames that are particularly useful for carrying POS, attracting extra attention to your products.

Cheap, easy to replace prints make this an ideal frame to promote specific sale messages or carry product information. ​

Frames are available with a variety of feet, either raised, or flat on the ground, The frames are 45 mm thick and come in black anodized or silver aluminium.

Standard sizes are 510 x 1800 or 900 x 1900, but any size can be ordered.

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